Josh Canova is a professional business coach, brand expert and the Founder of IF I ONLY HAD A COACH. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, author of Mind Your Own Business, and the creator of 7-Figure Brand Builder online course.


Josh built his own 7-figure company from scratch and he is passionate about sharing his experience, challenges and successes to help other business owners get the support they need to optimize their company’s performance, get out of the trenches and enjoy a more fulfilling life.


He also brings artistry and creativity to the table.  As a talented songwriter and musician, Josh Canova has written and recorded 3 full-length albums with multiple songs including The Wish that have been licensed for  film and network television. His production company Detour Films produced work for the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards.








Bestselling Author
Mind Your Own Business

Online Course Creator
7-Figure Brand Builder

01. Strategic

Josh has the experience and skill to get into the heart of a business, see the vulnerabilities and execute a plan of action that’s clear and concise.

02. Professional

Josh has worked with many of the most influential brands in the world and he understands the value and importance of trust, reliability, discretion, and clear communication.


Josh has the passion, talent and experience helping businesses and individuals grow and his commitment to his clients is reflected in the results he achieves for them.


What I Do Best


Give you a 360 view of your business to identify the strengths and weaknesses and create a clear plan of attack.


Make sure you understand the power and potential you hold as a person, business owner and leader.


Share ideas, insight, and helpful tools with you to problem solve and move forward.


Keep you focused on only the necessary steps you need to take to achieve your goals.


Keep you on course, moving forward and accountable for your role in your own success.


 Stay laser focused on your goals and desired outcomes that will elevate your business and your life

THE 15 MOST Essential Keys To Business Survival

How to make your business more efficient, more profitable, and less stressful.

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