Let’s get right to it.  For most businesses, the most effective way of turning their unique value into sales is to convey that value effectively to the right customer at the right time. First you need to know exactly who your customer is.  Spending the time to hone in on this can literally save your business because if you’re marketing your services to a group that has no need or no interest in your offer, you’ll conversions will always be low and you’ll burn through cash like a brushfire.


The Biggest Mistake You’re Making

The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make (even medium sized companies) when marketing their services is going after an audience that’s too broad.  They blow their ad budget on expensive low converting ads by giving their marketing person the GIST of their target audience – their best guess at the demographics and then spend the rest of the time pivoting and making micro adjustments to the ads.  Then they blame the marketing agency. This approach is for amateurs and it always leads to frustration, stress and, and very little action in the form of leads or potential client engagement.

Reasons to Create a Niche Audience.

Ok. So, you’ve heard this before but so you’re still not convinced that it’s a good idea. Well.  Here are several reasons that niching your audience and your service IS a good idea:

The first one is so you can create a built in, captive audience to target so you’re no longer guessing and shooting arrows into the air, trying to throw a big blanket over a huge territory, hoping you’ll capture something, hoping that your services will resonate with a subset of that group. When you niche down to a small, focused group, you immediately shift from being a tiny fish in a massive sea, to a big fish in a small lake.  A lake with fewer predators (competitors). But it’s still big enough to have customers that are interested in what you have because they’ve already exhibited purchasing behavior in the category you’re in.

The second reason is that when you market to a niche group, you have a much higher rate of conversion because when they see you are marketing to their niche, they know you are talking directly to them and you’ll be seen as an expert in your field.

The third reason is that you can build a groundswell of support, awareness and referrals much quicker by doing good work for a specific niche group and become known the go-to resource and leading authority in the industry.

The fourth is that there’s a well-known phrase “The Riches Are in The Niches” which was created from the success of countless business owners who have intelligently employed this proven, and lucrative concept.

A Practical Example of Creating a Niche Audience.

Here’s an example.  Imagine you’re a landscaping company called Green Grow Landscaping.  You’re currently marketing yourself as a professional landscape company. Your target is everyone who needs some sort of landscaping services.  How do you think you’ll do?  Even if you picked the city of San Diego you’ll be competing against hundreds of landscaping companies and you won’t stand out from anyone else.  Result?  You’ll have a major uphill struggle getting very organic traffic (if any) to your website.  And for the people who somehow find your website, you’ll still be seen as a professional landscape with no real specialty.

Now, imagine if you niched your focus on specializing in creating water features for luxury homeowners.  Then you targeted individuals who owned luxury homes with messaging that conveyed your specialty in water features.  Result?  You’ll get a MUCH higher conversion rate and start attracting new clients because when someone from your niche audience sees your ad or goes to your website, they’ll see that you’re talking specifically to them, because you are providing a specific solution to their specific need.

Ok, But What If I Miss Out on Other Clients?

Here’s the deal.  You Won’t.  And remember you already tried marketing to the masses and it didn’t work.  But rest easy. Just because you specialize in something doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t provide additional services for other clients.  Take the case of Green Grow Landscaping.  A customer reaches out to them because they “specialized” in something they wanted which was to create a water feature in their back yard.  But once they started the project, the homeowner expressed interest in doing some landscape design and the representative from Green Grow took the opportunity let the homeowner know about their other services and was able to secure a contract to do the water feature, landscape design and ongoing maintenance.

If you’re struggling to get new clients, the 3 biggest culprits are usually your audience (who you’re solving a problem for), your value (how you’re solving it), or your message (how you communicate that value clearly).

You can have your value and message perfected, but it won’t help your grow until you choose a niche audience that quickly identifies with your service when they see your message and thinks to themselves “Hey – they’re talking to me.  This is exactly who I am and exactly what I need!”.

Grow Your Business.

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